Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Depending on the treatment, dentists use either soft tissue or hard tissue laser. For shaping the teeth or cavity cutting, or to remove old fillings, hard tissue lasers are used.

Why use Lasers for Dental treatment rather than conventional methods ?

  • Blood clotting is faster in laser cut tissues, so bleeding potential is less.
  • Few treatment procedures do not require the patient to be anaesthetised.
  • Stitches are needed in very few cases post laser usage.
  • Tissues regrow fast and wounds heal fast
  • Chances of infection is less, lasers cleans and sterilizes the tissues
  • Less damage to neighbouring tissues

What is the procedure for laser dentistry?

Common hard tissue procedures include:

  • Finding Cavities and decay in teeth
  • Relief from tooth sensitivity
  • Avoiding extensive instrument usage to fill teeth

Common soft tissue procedures include:

  • Improving esthetics by reshaping the gum tissues and bone.
  • Treatment of Gummy Smile in which gum length covers much of the tooth.
  • Children with tongue ties who have difficulty in breastfeeding and speaking, can benefit from laser frenectomy.
  • Removing excessive soft tissue for better fitting of dentures.

How laser helps?

Lasers can also be useful in:

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Removing benign tumors
  • Regeneration of nerves
  • Treatment of Jaw joint pain

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